What physical qualities do plumbers need?

Plumbers need good manual dexterity to master their plumbing skills. This includes the ability to keep your arm and hand steady when holding a tool or tube, the ability to use your fingers to manipulate small objects, and the ability to coordinate the movements of both hands. The vision must be sufficient so that the plumber can detect problems, use measuring devices and align the connections correctly. Since plumbing difficulties can sometimes be critical, plumbers must have the necessary endurance to carry out the job successfully.

Sometimes, a plumber's duties may include the need to work face down or in tight spaces, so it's important to be able to do so while maintaining coordination between several limbs. Because occupancy carries a higher-than-average risk of injury, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, plumbers should be able to focus on the task to complete it as safely as possible. Plumbers often need to climb, lift heavy objects, and work in extreme temperatures, so they need to be physically fit to perform these tasks. In the plumbing profession, plumbing schools play a fundamental role in training aspiring plumbers before they launch into the professional field.

Since plumbers often have to make precise measurements, they should have knowledge of basic mathematics, according to Herzing College; knowledge of geometry and algebra is also useful. Sometimes, a plumber may need to keep an eye on dials or meters while performing a repair or installation, so being able to multitask can be an advantage. Plumbers must also know the local codes that apply to different types of jobs in order to comply with regulations. Plus, plumbers need to lift heavy tools and supplies while they work, so eating healthy and exercising regularly will help you stay in top shape.

When faced with difficulties at work, the ability to consider all possible solutions before determining what is the best option to practice is a skill that every plumber should have. And, as long as people continue to have indoor plumbing (the outlook is good), there will always be a demand for qualified plumbers. A call to a plumber is most likely the best option when pipes freeze or other residential plumbing problems arise. Because problems are sometimes more serious than expected, plumbers must have the persistence necessary to get the job done.

A plumber can choose to focus on new construction or develop a career repairing existing systems. However, as a plumber, you must allow your teammate to know what your customer wants as they work and to solve problems with diligence. Plumbers must be able to apply reason and logic to the problem at hand, carefully analyzing all the alternatives and the advantages or disadvantages of each method.

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