10 Home Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pipes Working Properly

Do-it-yourself plumbing projects, such as plumbing repair, are becoming increasingly popular, but it's important to make sure the job is done correctly. To help you keep your pipes in good condition, here are 10 home plumbing maintenance tips from the experts. First, check for leaks in the tank with food coloring. This is an easy way to detect any potential problems before they become serious. If you have an overflowing toilet, you can stop it by turning off the water supply and flushing the toilet several times.

To clean a clogged toilet, use soap and water and pull out as much hair as you can every few weeks to prevent it from accumulating. When washing dishes, scrape food into the trash before putting them in the sink or dishwasher. Even if you have a garbage disposal, never pour liquid grease down the drain; instead, pour it into a resealable container and put it in the trash after it cools down. To prevent blockages, limit what goes through your drains.

Never pour grease down the drain, as it can harden and clog the pipe. You can also install mosquito nets over shower and bath drains to catch hair and other debris. Using a hair catcher over the shower drain can also help prevent clogs. When using the toilet, only flush human waste and toilet paper; wipes, sanitary products, and other items can clog the toilet and cause it to overflow.

When operating your own pipes, don't overtighten your fittings; “shaking hands” is the right thing to do. You should also use Teflon tape to avoid pipe problems. If you follow these home plumbing maintenance tips regularly, you won't have to call a plumber as often. However, most plumbing repairs are best left to licensed plumbers who have received extensive training and have the right equipment and tools to complete a repair the first time. The Gainesville and Ocala professional plumbers at Sunshine Plumbing and Gas are experienced in all types of plumbing repairs and maintenance.

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